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Dec 30, 2012 · Just got a Vizio GV42L that has a bad sound problem. When I plug in hdmi, all I hear from the speakers is loud static and noise. I can barely hear the sound coming from a movie because its covered with static. Opened up the TV and checked the connection to the speakers. Near it was some capacitors but they checked out with low esr and within specs.
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Greeting all. I have a Polk PSW-505 that is less than 4 yrs old. Problem is my house suffered from a power surge caused by an undersized power transformer across the street from my house. My tv, receiver, blu-ray, and sat. dish receiver all ok cuz they were on a surge protector...
Missing the cover for a fuse holder. Why find the spare part when we can just replace the whole fuse holder!Always exercise caution when working on mains rat...
The sub is the Elemental Designs e3.8, and I got the trim ring from The ring is 10" outside diameter, and 7.25" inside diameter, and 1/4" thick. It's 8 gauge, straight to the battery with a fuse right by the battery. Not garden hose thick, but enough to get the job done.
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Get your appliances in perfect working condition before the holidays arrive. Shop Ace to find replacement electrical cords to help you host with ease. Oct 23, 2020 · Alabama voters once again have the chance to remove the racist language of Jim Crow from the state's constitution, which was approved in 1901 to enshrine white supremacy as state law. A measure on the Nov. 3 ballot would allow the state to recompile its 119-year-old constitution in a process supporters say would remove a lingering stain from the state's era of racial segregation and the ...
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